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With just under 2 weeks left until our wedding day, I figured I would share 10 random facts about my future, sweet husband!

  1. Kyle graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a degree in Architecture. I watched him work so hard for 4 long years on what is likely one of the hardest degrees to earn (or so he says). Right after Kyle graduated with his Bachelors of Science, he immediately went on to pursue his Masters of Science in Construction Management. He will graduate again this April and I couldn’t be more proud!
  2. Our first apartment together was in Medford, Massachusetts. We lived in this old house on the first floor in a one-bedroom apartment. The floors would creek, the laundry was in a creepy basement, and our bathroom was tiled in pink from the 70’s. Kyle went to school, and I commuted into the city for work everyday. We really enjoyed our time living so close to Boston because there was ALWAYS something to do. It’s been 3 years since we lived in that apartment and I would love to go back someday and see it!
  3. Okay this probably doesn’t come as much surprise to most, but Kyle is a HUGE Montreal Canadiens hockey fan. Much of his family, including his parents, are from Canada, so he was brought up loving the hockey team and hating the Bruins (despite us living in New England!). When Kyle and I first started dating, his level of commitment to the Canadiens was a bit extreme. He would go through nightly rituals of hanging wash clothes on a certain spot in our bathroom, have to drink a certain kind of beer during the game, and nobody was allowed to talk to him while the game was on. Over the years, he’s gotten a bit less excessive (thankfully) but he is still a die hard fan and will likely always be! I’ve learned to live with it 🙂
  4. Kyle begs me at least once a week for a mini-pig. Yes, you read right.. a mini-pig. The obsession started about a year ago when Facebook videos kept popping up on his newsfeed of a mini-pig named Hank (you can check him out here), and ever since then, he’s been hooked. If we didn’t live in an apartment right now, I would absolutely get one. But until we buy our first house, I told him we need to hold off just in case the pig grows to be 200 pounds!
  5. Kyle and his best friend Jeff have a bi-weekly podcast together, The Sit-down: A Conversation with Dudes. They started this podcast over a year ago just for fun, and haven’t stopped since. They talk about sports, “topics of the week” and their own personal lives.
  6. Kyle and I have been doing spin class every week for the last 3 months together. Back when we lived in Boston, I did spin a lot but he never agreed to come with me. Finally I convinced him to this year so that we could get in shape for our wedding and he ended up really enjoying it. It’s something fun that both of us can do together.
  7. Unlike me, Kyle is a huge Harry Potter fan. He’s owns all the movies and has watched them multiple times. My mom even got him a Harry Potter wand that controls our TV (yes, it’s obnoxious but hysterical). He always tries to convince me to watch the movies with him, but I’m just not into it like he is.
  8. Kyle absolutely loves to travel, especially to big cities. Together, we’ve traveled to Cancun, Cozumel, Cabo, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Charlotte, New York City, Orlando, Tampa, Bahamas, and in a few weeks… St. Lucia! Traveling is something we would like to continue doing every year, even as we get older.
  9. Kyle is such an “Apple guy” (as in, the technology). He has 2 apple watches, an iPad, an iPhone, a MacBook pro laptop, an iMac desktop, and an Apple tv. He is constantly upgrading to the latest Apple technology and gets SO excited when a new product comes out.
  10. If someone were to ask me what my favorite thing about Kyle is, I would definitely say his sense of humor. Sometimes it’s a bit twisted and can even get on my nerves, but there truly isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t try to make me laugh. He loves comedy, to be the funny guy, and to get everyone around him smiling. He’s really good at lifting my spirits no matter what’s going on in life, and continuously keeps me laughing at the silliest things.

P.S. The long sleeve shirt he’s wearing in this post is Tommy John which is a brand he is OBSESSED with! They make the softest t-shirts/boxers/workout clothes, all of which Kyle owns and swears by! (I suppose this could count as fact #11) 


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