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These beauty boxes (I made that name up) are EVERYTHING. First let me start by saying that the brand name GLAMboxes are the way to go if your bank account can take the hit. But if you’re like me and still in grad school trying to save all the pennies you can, then Target is almost as good for these fabulous organizers. I picked up a few of them last week and let me just say, they are already a life-changer.

  • Stackable

    You can stack them – which in a small space, is absolutely crucial. I photographed a few different ways you can arrange them, all of which are totally functional.

  • See Through

    With these beauty boxes, you can actually SEE your makeup. Let me tell you from experience, if it isn’t in plain view, you won’t use it. End of story. So by arranging the boxes out in an open space, yet still being able to properly organize them, you’re much more likely to use that makeup you own (and not buy another tube of lipstick when you realize you actually have 15 sitting right there in the drawer).

  • Functional

    They are functional. You know those adorable storage containers you see at HomeGoods that you end up buying only to never fill them because they aren’t exactly functional (just pleasing to the eye)? Well, these are both stylish and easy to use. I like opening up a drawer filled with only mascaras instead of rummaging through a bag with mismatched makeup products. Win win!

  • Affordable

    They’re affordable! As I mentioned, these beauty boxes are definitely much more affordable than the GLAMboxes. HOWEVER, I will say, you will likely go through them every few months if you move them around, accidentally open a drawer too quickly, or knock them off your counter (oops). GLAMboxes on the other hand are practically bulletproof, so those are well worth the investment if you’re willing to spend the money.

I’ve linked both beauty boxes and GLAMboxes below. Let me know if you have questions – I just love them!

Beauty Boxes

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