Bedroom on a Budget

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Let’s be honest, there is truly nothing more humbling in life than moving back into your parents’ house after living on your own for so many years. Yup, back in that little back bedroom with bright blue walls and Abercrombie jeans hanging in the closet…

When I decided to go back to grad school after a year in the “real world”, my parents really encouraged me to move home to save money and pursue school full time. So, after a little convincing, and my boyfriend Kyle being so supportive and moving back to our hometown as well (we lived together at the time), I did just that. Turns out it’s not so bad – dinner is always cooked, my car gets cleaned off in the winter, AND I get to see my dogs every day- can’t complain too much.

However, I knew I really needed to do something about that bedroom of mine that looked exactly the same as it did for the past 15 years. So, the day I moved home, I grabbed some paint and got right to work.

If you’re looking to spruce up a bedroom, I first recommend a fresh coat of paint. It’s incredible what a new color will do to a room- you feel like you’re in a whole new place.

Next, wall space. There are few better things in life that are more wonderful than gallery walls, and while I’m certainly no expert, I had a bit of extra wall space to create a small one of my own. I bought some black colored frames at HomeGoods and printed pictures at my local CVS. I also added in a quote to break up the pictures and got a bit creative with my picture choices. While it’s a tiny gallery wall, it does the trick in a small bedroom.

Next, a quick trip to Marshalls truly goes a long way! Simple touches like some accent pillows, matching throw blanket, and a neutral duvet cover really make the room have a whole new feel (and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg). I picked up some pillows at Marshalls and added in a throw blanket and neutral duvet. I also knew I needed a splash of color added to the mix so I bought some cute pillow cases at Target for very cheap! I’ve linked some similar choices below that really bring some spunk to any bedroom.

These small changes made a big impact on my bedroom “makeover”. If I’m living at home for a bit longer, I might as well make it pleasing to the eye, right? It’s now cozy, mature, inviting, and best of all, simple.

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