Cardigan, Booties, Repeat

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Cardigan, Vince Camuto booties, Nordstrom
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Hi everyone! So sorry for the lack of posts.. things have been so busy in “life” lately.

First things first – I’ve added a few new features on the blog website. You can now shop my looks by clicking on the scrolling pictures at the bottom of each post. It will bring you directly to where I bought each item!

Additionally, I’ve added a few things to my side bar (which can be viewed on a desktop) including “Current Favorites” which displays items I own or am hoping to purchase soon. I also added “Current Beauty Products” which lists all the beauty items I am using now (skincare, makeup, and more). You can click directly on all these items and shop away.. brilliant.

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Now.. on to this look. I am obsessed with this cardigan and am so happy I bought it during the Nordstrom Sale this summer. It’s so easy to pair with a tank top and wear over jeans or leggings.

I also love these Vince Camuto booties! I usually get uncomfortable in any sort of heels very quickly but these are truly not so bad. Perfect for fall nights because they keep you warm too. I can see this outfit being on repeat many times this fall!

Thank you everyone for the continued support as I expand my blog. Be on the lookout for some more changes coming shortly!

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