Change In (honeymoon) Plans

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A few months ago, Kyle and I started to plan where we wanted to go for our honeymoon and were so excited to have so many options. We tossed around some different countries, unique locations, and a potential timeline. Soon enough, we found an awesome honeymoon package online for an 8 day stay at Sonesta Ocean Point in St. Maarten. The hotel was incredible and had everything we could have wanted in a honeymoon vacation – it was right on the beach, all inclusive, adults only, and came with some ridiculously amazing perks. We booked our stay and started counting down the days for this trip in February.

As we all know, St. Maarten was one of the hardest hit islands by Hurricane Irma and no sooner did we learn that our resort, and airport, were completely wiped out by the storm. We stayed up to date with Facebook posts the resort was releasing as the storm passed through and were heartbroken to learn of the devastation it caused. Selfishly, we were bummed about our honeymoon but moreover, we felt awful for the disaster that occurred and displacement it caused to so many people. We received notice that all future resort stays were cancelled indefinitely and our flights were refunded to us a few weeks later.

Now, we were back to square one but felt a little more “stressed” about finding a new trip, since it was now less than 5 months away. We knew tons of people were in the same boat as we were, therefore prices were likely jacked up, and most of the Caribbean would be out of question to consider. Eventually, I found a ton of great new travel suggestions on WeddingWire. They had posts ranging from the planning of a honeymoon, to setting a budget, to travel suggestions based on the season. My favorite piece of information I found was this Honeymoon Guide that broke down locations into the perfect categories, depending on what kind of “honeymoon” you wanted.

Finally, we found a beautiful resort in St. Lucia (and called to confirm there was no damage from hurricanes) and it’s exactly what we wanted from the beginning. We extended our trip to go for 9 days and relax in what looks like an actual paradise. Neither of us have ever visited St. Lucia so we are excited to explore a new location. The resort was built less than a year ago so it has all the updated and modern features we were looking for.

I’ll be sure to post a review/travel guide on the blog with all the details from our trip. In the meantime, we will be donating to St. Maarten to help those affected by the devesating hurricane(s) and will look forward to traveling there someday when it’s rebuilt.

If you’ve been to St. Lucia or have any suggestions for us, let me know! For now, we are prepping for fall in New England and bracing for cooler weather.  Have a great week! 


Special thanks to WeddingWire for sponsoring today’s post. As always, all opinions are my own. Photos courtesy of Sonesta & Royalton Resorts

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