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When I moved back home, I knew I needed to create my own personal desk space since at the time, I was working from home and going to graduate school full time. (You can read about my mini bedroom makeover here). A year and a half later, I’ve added some new pieces from that I absolutely love! Below are some of the items I purchased on Plum & Post, as well as some of my favorites I’ve always owned.

Trinket Trays

I wasn’t sure what I was going to use these trays for because I was debating on using them to store some of my jewelry on my night stand. Then, I remembered I had these adorable binder clips that would be perfect to display in the stack-able trays! I threw in some paper clips in my 3rd tray since those are my “go-to” desk accessory.


Would you believe me if I told you I never had a clock on my desk before? It’s true that we depend on our phones and laptops too much to tell the time but sometimes, “the real thing” is so much better! I love the authenticity of this clock on my desk.


I am obsessed with this frame! I guess I didn’t read the description properly online because it is so much bigger than anticipated which makes it even better. It’s definitely a statement piece. I considered adding in a photo but went with a simple print out to add some “inspiration” to my work area.


I have a slight candle obsession. I received this candle as an engagement gift from one of my best friends and I light it all the time! It adds to a cozy atmosphere in my room.

Wood Photo Print

I discovered PhotoBarn a few years back and have ordered numerous products through them, but this wood print photo is my all time fav.

Phone case is here // Stapler is here // Similar pencils are here


I bought my lamp, desk, and chair a few years ago, but I’ll link up some similar ones below!


Who doesn’t love some new home decor? I’m giving one lucky reader $25 off any purchase at where you can buy your own new desk accessories! Visit my INSTAGRAM for details.



* Special thanks to Plum & Post for sponsoring this week’s blog post

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