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My favorite piece in our new home, is the handmade headboard my talented fiance and future father-in-law built for us. By popular demand, I’m breaking down everything we did to create this masterpiece – from inspiration to electrical work! Plus — a little secret from this project that I’ll let you in on..


First, Kyle and I gathered a list of all of our favorite “DIY Headboards” on Pinterest. There are so many online and we weren’t exactly sure what we wanted, so we decided to take a few nights and gather some ideas before making any purchases. It really helped to visualize numerous headboards that had already been created to get a feel for what we did and didn’t like.


While I’d like to think I played a huge role in picking out the materials, let’s be honest, I didn’t. I held my Starbucks iced coffee in hand while Kyle stacked up 10-15 beams of wood we picked up from Home Depot. I did however pick out a grayish stain I thought would look nice over the wood. We knew we wanted built in lamps so we ordered these industrial bulbs from Amazon that were so affordable!

The Secret

We started sanding and staining on what had to be the coldest night in March. I say “we”, because Kyle sanded and I stained the wood.. but eventually, it turned into just Kyle finishing up all the beams because I could hardly feel my shivering hands anymore (and I was a wimp). We finished sanding and staining the first half of the beams on night one and continued the following morning. The next day, I gave the can of stain a good shake and mix, not realizing it would completely change the color. I began painting the next beam of wood and it was so much darker. Because I had mixed them together, I accidentally changed the shade of gray and it was too late to go back and change it. So, we decided it might actually look OK if we alternated shades when putting the actual headboard together (light beam, dark beam, etc). Turns out, it was the greatest mistake because we love the alternating striped look on the finished product!

The Build

Next, Kyle carefully planned out, sawed, and nailed the wood together to create the most stunning headboard that I would have never been able to envision on my own. It looked incredible! The final step was for him and his dad to wire the electrical work so that we could have dimming lights and outlets for our phone chargers (genius, right?). I wish I could tell you how they did it but I’m not going to even attempt to try to cover the electrical explanation since I truly have no idea. All I know is that my dimming lamp and nearby outlet for my charger is a God-send.

I love this piece because it was the very first thing we put into our new home when we moved, and something we can cherish for a very long time. It’s something I will always remember working on together in his parents garage and something I hope we do again in our future! If you’re looking to build your own headboard, I strongly suggest creating a Pinterest board, scoping out the materials you think you’ll want, and just going for it because we are so happy we made ours. Maybe we will even start to sell these, who knows 😉

Hope you love it as much as we do!

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