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There are many reasons why I started a blog, as mentioned in this post. But what I’ve never really discussed is who and what inspired me to not only start a blog, but to keep doing it. Today I’m going to highlight 4 lifestyle bloggers that I’ve followed for a few years and who have all inspired me in different ways. Their work is incredible and something I hope to some day come close to resembling.

The Teacher Diva

Ashley is the author of The Teacher Diva – a Dallas-based blog about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. When I first started following Ashley on Instagram, she was a full time teacher in Texas while also managing and growing her lifestyle blog at the same time. Her quality of work was incredible and dedication to both her students and blog content was evident. I couldn’t believe she made time to be a dedicated blogger, compassionate teacher, and all the other roles life throws at you. Then, she published this blog post titled “The World is Your Oyster” and my admiration became even more real. Ashley showed me that you can have the best of both worlds and if you believe in something enough, have a lot of a faith, and a little bit of luck, you can make anything happen. In short, Ashley left her teaching job to make her other passion, blogging, her full time career. While not an easy decision, it showed me that if you put in the effort and work hard enough, you too can be anything you wish and have more than one passion in life. While I have no plans to leave my full time job as an elementary school counselor, I do hope to someday take my blog to the next level just as Ashley did. I think you’re lucky in life if you find your passion and get to do it as your career.. imagine having that feeling twice?

Simply Lauren Rose

I started following Lauren from Simply Lauren Rose last summer when she kept posting the most adorable poolside outfits and sharing her life with her readers on Snapchat (@laurenrosesnaps). I was drawn to our similarities – both around the same age, receiving our M.Ed., working in a school district, and launching a blog. I think if we went to school together or grew up in the same town, we would have been the best of friends! I love how transparent Lauren is in her blog content. When she writes, I believe her, and I think thats what makes a good blogger and an even better writer. Her blog story seems very similar to mine, and though I haven’t gained the following she has just yet, I hope to someday succeed as she has. My favorite part about Lauren’s blog is being able to watch it succeed. A year later, I’ve watched Simply Lauren Rose grow a big following (especially on Instagram!) and completely take off. She has given me some great advice on how to grow my own blog and I know her work as a blogger will grow even more in the coming months!

Chronicles of Frivolity

Chronicles of Frivolity by Katey was one of the first blogs I ever read. Simply from her writing, you can tell what an incredibly genuine person she is. When I emailed her to ask if I could feature her in my blog, she immediately replied with the most heart-felt message and said she would be honored! Her posts are personal, vibrant, and full of life. Through Chronicles of Frivolity, I’ve learned that it takes hard work and dedication to “perfect” your blog, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Katey is always making herself available across all social media platforms to answer questions and give advice on anything from beauty to blogging. I love learning about her journey through life as a wife, new mom, and dog-mom (Peaches is seen in many of her posts and I can’t get enough!). She also has incredible home decor that I love to read about and get inspiration from! If I’ve learned one thing from Katey and her blog, it’s to simply be yourself and through that, you will succeed.

Style Cusp

Marissa from Style Cusp has been a long-time favorite of mine! First of all, I love that she is also from New England (and a Patriots fan) which makes me feel like I can relate to her during those cold winter months and Sunday games! Marissa is, and has always been, authentic in everything she posts. She is real. One of my favorite things about Style Cusp are the travel guides – they are amazing! I love reading about places she’s visited or adventures she’s been on. I also love how Marissa incorporates her daily life into many of her posts such as her latest workout gear, eating plan, or personal thoughts. She has inspired me in more ways than one with the incredible photos, summer time beach posts, and travel adventures. I love learning about Marissa’s life through her blog because it reminds me a lot of where I want mine to eventually be. I hope to someday grow Very Simple Matters as well as Marissa grew Style Cusp.

While there a many other incredible lifestyle bloggers out there, these 4 stuck with me and have truly made an impact on my blogging journey! I only hope I can do the same for someone else one day.

* Photos featured are property of The Teacher Diva, Simply Lauren Rose, Chronicles of Frivolity & Style Cusp

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