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I’m back!!! These last 4 months have been a whirlwind and I took a long break from blogging, but I am finally back and ready to start writing and posting more consistently again. I thought I would write a post on “life lately” and catch you up to speed on everything that’s happened in the last 4 months.


I officially finished grad school and graduated with my Masters of Education in School Counseling in May. I’m so proud of myself for finishing this degree in 2 years but I certainly couldn’t have done it without the help of my family, friends, and fiance. It was a weird feeling being done with school “forever”, though I suppose you should never say never!


Upon graduating with my degree, I also finished working at my local elementary school where I completed my school counseling internship and worked in special education. It was incredibly hard for me to leave this place in June. I had become so attached to the students in the last 2 years and built a wonderful rapport with staff. As hard as it was to leave, I was excited to start my summer and begin searching for my permanent career as a school counselor in a new town. Since finishing up at the school, I’ve been working at home on a project for my dad and picking up a few shifts at a local restaurant I’ve worked at for many years. It’s been nice having time off and a chance to recharge, refresh, and get ready for what’s next! I certainly couldn’t do it without my fiance, Kyle.


We moved in April! A few years ago, Kyle and I got our first apartment together right outside Boston. We loved it – living together, being close to the city, all of it. But, when we both decided to go back to grad school, we moved home to New Hampshire so that we could pursue school full time and save some money by living with our parents. After becoming engaged in October, and me wrapping up my degree, we knew it was time to move out again. We started looking at houses in February in the hopes of purchasing our first home together. We must have looked at 15-20 houses over the course of a month. Both of our parents were very supportive and helpful in our search, but each time we left a house, we just felt a little defeated. We weren’t sure if it was “the one” and started second guessing ourselves. On a whim one day, we drove to look at apartments close by that were just newly built and we absolutely loved them. We knew that this would be the “less stressful” decision as we planned a wedding, graduated, and started a new job. After that day, we moved in just about 4 weeks later and couldn’t be happier. We love it here! It’s in the perfect location, has plenty of room (we got a 1 bedroom with an office), has an upgraded style we like, and requires no maintenance whatsoever. I’m already putting together a post to do a few “room reveals” on the blog. We plan to stay here until after we get married and then reconsider a house purchase. We are in no rush which makes it much less chaotic and gives us plenty of time to find a house we love.


We’ve had so much fun traveling these last 4 months! In April, we went to Cozumel Mexico for a week. We surprised Kyle’s mom for her birthday and anniversary, so she had no idea her kids were coming. It was such a wonderful week with family and the weather couldn’t have been better. In June, we spent a couple weekends up at Kyle’s parent’s lake in New Hampshire and stayed through the 4th of July with friends as well. It’s always a wonderful getaway to go up there for long weekends and spend time on the boat and in the water. A few weeks ago, we spent a long weekend with my family in Nantucket. I grew up going to Nantucket every summer with my dad and stepmom and it is truly the ultimate summer getaway. Nantucket has it’s own kind of charm that is hard to mimic anywhere else. Plus, I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers, Kate from Lonestar Southern, which was like a dream come true for me haha


As much as I have enjoyed this whole “no work” thing for a few weeks, I’m so excited to share that I’ve officially accepted my dream job as school counselor! I will be the new school counselor at an upper elementary school in New Hampshire starting in a few weeks. Anxious, excited, nervous, proud, and ready are just a few words to describe how I’m feeling with this new adventure. I can’t wait to meet a whole new group of students and staff and make this new school my home.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but our wedding is just about 6 months away… wow! This has honestly been such an easy planning process for me so far. I guess I’m not so bad at making decisions. Once I find something I like or want, I make a decision, and move on to the next item on my to-do list. We pretty much have everything booked and are sending out our Save the Dates this week. I’m also working on a special collaboration with a brand to bring you some exciting wedding updates on the blog, so stayed tuned in a few weeks for more details!

P.S. how cute are these cards I gave my dad & stepdad? I ordered them from Marrygrams on Etsy!


Alright well I think that pretty much sums up the last 4 months for me. It has been a busy time, but yet one of the most exciting times of my life. I have so much to be grateful for and am truly content with where I am in this life I’ve created for myself. Don’t get me wrong, things haven’t been just rainbows and butterflies, but it’s certainly been a hell of a year so far and I can’t wait to bring you more updates as they come. I have set a goal to really get back in the swing of blogging consistently and plan to release at least 1 new post per week. As always, thanks for reading and being a part of my little blogging community! Have a great week.

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  1. boy, you sure did pack a lot into one year !!! it’s natural to be a bit nervous starting a new job, but after a month or so, I’m sure you will reach your comfort level…that’s what happens when you follow your passion

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