Why I Started a Blog

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I briefly wrote about why I started a blog in my FAQ’s section, but wanted to elaborate a bit more. First, I started this blog as a hobby – a place to share life’s happenings in the simplest form – a single outlet set up for posting trends, products, and very simple matters.

Since I can remember, I’ve truly enjoyed writing. It’s something that comes fairly easy to me and while I may not be the greatest at it, it’s something I enjoy.

Because I’ve been in school for so long, I’ve had to write my fair share of case studies, essays, term papers, and clinical reviews. It’s never been just writing for pleasure. Now that I’m done with all of the main courses of my graduate degree, I finally have the ability to devote my free time to writing for fun, not for a grade.[/cs_text]

I love to share my life with others

Additionally, I love to share my life with others. We all love to share the good parts of our lives, and social media has given us the platform to do so. Instead of spending my weekends rounding up Facebook pictures and editing Instagram posts, I wanted to put it all into one outlet, and a lifestyle blog was the perfect place to do so.

Lastly, I’m looking ahead to my future. Those who know me know how much of a planner I am. I have my life planned down to the T, from what I’m wearing to work tomorrow, to where I want to live in 15 years. That being said, my dream has always been to stay at home with my future children and while that day is a long ways away, it’s never too early to plan ahead. My ultimate goal out of all of this is to eventually turn this “hobby” into a full time career. While I absolutely love being a school counselor and cannot wait for that career to begin full force, I also know that family and spending time with those I love is highly important to me. I’ve known that for a long time and in order to make sure I have the ability to do so, I know there needs to be action on my part. I would love to stay home with my children someday and still provide some sort of income. Because blogging is on the uprise, especially with 20-something year old’s like myself, now is a perfect time as ever to begin making that dream come true. While I can’t predict the future and know that plans don’t always happen accordingly, I can at least turn my dream into reality by starting my blog now while still working full time as a school counselor.

Who knows where this will take me

Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t just spend $100K in school loans to never “do something” with my degrees – but I always like to take on new ventures and have several different options to invest my time in throughout the years. I don’t think we are meant to do one thing and only one thing for the rest of our lives. I want to work with kids, give back to nonprofits, write about Nordstrom sales, be a stay-at-home mom, retire young, and yet work until I die. As much as I love to plan, I also love to have my feet wet in a bunch of different ventures, so blogging is my next big course of action.

I hope to blog when I have the time, share life updates, and build an audience slowly over the years. Who knows where this will take me, if anywhere. But as long as I enjoy it and find my passion, that is enough. Thank you so much for reading, visiting my site, and believing in my brand. Here’s to my “plan” turning into a reality.

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